My name is Dominique and I am live in the great city of Austin, Texas.  I moved out here in January 2017 for graduate school and work.  Little did I know how much creativity and vibrancy this little city has to offer.  I was surrounded by artists and photographers alike who inspired me to pick up my camera again.
As most people, I LOVED taking photos on my iPhone (for the convenience) and went through 20+ disposable cameras, 3 point and shoot cameras, 1 Polaroid camera, iPhones to now a mirrorless camera. (Gotta love technology) The best decision I have made, ever.
I am inspired by YOU. Inspired by my life and into multiple styles of photography.  I love that a picture can literally happen at any time, any moment, anywhere. Photography has allowed me to capture the way good memories make me feel.
If you like what you see, let’s connect!
-Dominique Mireya