High School Reunion! Class Of 2008

When you think of your time in High School, what comes to mind?

Good times? Terrible Times? Lost identity? Football games? Dress code? Clicky groups of people? Senior pranks? Lockdowns?  Yeah, high school sucked. But! From those times, I established long-lasting friendships and memories that I will never forget.

I was hesitant about going to my high school reunion. I did not care nor want to see all these people I use to walk past in the hallway but never say a word. High School for me was…interesting to say the least. It wasn’t horrible for me, but damn do you realize how much life there is out there post High School days!  I would describe myself as the “band cool nerd”… I had friends in every “group” (the nerds, the jocks, the AP students, the theater people, the emos, the rebels) For the most part, I kept quiet for the most part, focusing on practicing my trumpet, immersing myself in marching band and everything that came with that. Although high school was a snooze, I had many of my “first” moments during this time of my life. The first fight with friends, first kiss, first underage drink, first house party, first road trip, first club experience, I mean I can go on. The city of Pearland itself is not that exciting, so it was up to us to make it much more. My days in the suburbian world consisted of going to Walmart, neighborhood parks, skating rink, lots of gas stations and churches at every corner. Oh and house parties.

I finally decided to buy my ticket for my high school reunion (literally the day before), I wanted to make a point to go beyond the “small talk” and updates on marriage and kids. I wanted to make it special and memorable for the people I still talk to today.  Surprisingly, I had an amazing time catching up with everyone, talking to my old crushes, reminiscing about memorable times, and laughing at how young and naive we used to be. Good times, yall. Good times.




Pictured: Kelly Kegley Taylor, Daniel Fears, Misty Cook, Jaymee McAvoy, Stephen Winkler, Talib Abdullahi

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