The Move: HOU > ATX

Why else would you uproot your entire life to move countless miles away?

Back in August 2016, I had an itch for change. Something different, something new. I wanted to live in a new city and start over.  I had lived in Houston my whole life (well, technically Pearland) I would visit other cities, but I never imagined myself living somewhere else.  Way back when (2011-2014), I had originally wanted to move to Los Angeles, researching how much rent would be, applying for jobs, and visiting potential schools.  Eventually, reality had settled in and I had a change of heart.  Wanting to stay nearby my family, in Texas (for now), yet fully immersing my self somewhere not Houston, that’s when I moved to the hill country.

In January of 2017, I packed up my all belongings, said my goodbyes, closed a huge chapter in my life and moved to the great city of Austin.  It was the most stressful time of my life- having no job, no friends, and leaving everything, by that I mean [the most comfortable state of mind you can ever possibly live in]- leave it all behind. Houston was my home, my city.  Granted, the drive is only 2 and half hours away, I was determined to start my “new” life out here in Austin. And that, I did.

In these slow 9 months, I’ve realized how incredibly different living in Austin is from Houston (seriously!!).  The lifestyle, the landscape, the people, the music! less traffic (even though everyone here thinks traffic is horrific – it’s really cute.) The Hill Country!  I love how I can go from the beautiful country to downtown within less than an hour.  My favorite drive on is the 360, north towards Colorado River.  I am in awe that I live so close to the hills. I know I know,  I’m only 2.5 hours away and there are people I know that left their home for a new country… I’m easily amused and am in awe by ~*life*~

In my time out here, I have been inspired by so many people and making time to explore what I’ve always been passionate about – photography. Shortly 3 months in, I purchased my first professional camera, the Sony Alpha a6300. This camera is powerful yet seemingly complicated with all the settings! However, in no time I was taking more photos little by little, capturing beautiful images of people, landscapes, animals, everything. By end of my Cuba trip, I saw the transformation from the first photo I took to the very last.  Capturing images is my outlet, my freedom to express any emotion, to make you feel any emotion when you view an image, and for long-lasting memories that may escape the mind.  Back in June, I did my very first photo shoot! I felt so inspired to capture so many images of my dear friend’s family in front of Downtown Austin…  Here is to my “9 months” check-in. I’ve taken a lot of photos, I’ve experienced a lot –


Austin Visuals Meeting: August 2017
Austin Visual Meeting: August 2017
Laguna Gloria
Trail in North Austin: January 2017
Austin Bridge


Forever Bicyles by Ai Weiwei
SOCO Bridge
Photoshoot near Downtown Austin
Commons Ford Ranch Park
Antones near UT Austin
Living Water in Spicewood TX
Austin Visual Meeting
Commons Ford Ranch Park
IGAustin Meetup
Drink n Click Meetup
Commons Ford Ranch Park
Commons Ford Ranch Park
Photoshoot near Downtown Austin
Andy enjoying Lake Travis


I read this amazing article recently.  It’s spot on for a lot of things for me – missing home, friends and family, being alone, stepping out of my comfort zone, but most importantly I’ve learned to really focus on my self and do what I love.  To all you who have moved across the country, even to a new continent, I look up to YOU and your courage to uplift from everything you know. Until Then, Austin is where I’ll stay put for now 🙂 But no doubt in my mind, this was my calling and I will make my mark in this city.

“You are more in-touch with yourself, because you quickly found out what was holding you back before versus what passions are pushing you forward now. You have become the most genuine and authentic version of yourself, because there are no other influences on your decisions besides those of your own accord.”

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